Wiley Road has the capabilities and discipline to consistently execute large scale programs while maintaining an all-natural label and handmade product character.  We practice Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing with continuous improvement focused on meeting customer requirements and consumer expectations.  This operational discipline starts with our CEO Chris Guerrera, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over 33 years experience in engineering, manufacturing and leading high performance organizations.  With Chris' leadership Wiley Road brings modern process discipline to traditional handmade products.

Wiley Road is certified SQF Level 2 by the Safe Quality Food Institute, representing independent certification of the company's high standards for process controls and food safety. The company is designated kosher by XXXXXXXX. Merri Carlson has been with Wiley Road since the very beginning and 





While we're big enough to execute major programs, customers can still reach the owner of the company every day.  Theresa Burnley owns Wiley Road and is never far from the action or from customers with a need.  As a private label manufacturer we know that our success depends on our customer's success, and our do-what-it-takes attitude starts with Theresa.

Consumers take labels seriously and so do we.  We source premium ingredients and we document